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Why Trust Us With Your Prized Items

We know there are plenty of places to get a jersey framed.  From your local frame shop to the internet, they all claim they are the best.  Some places overcharge and others under deliver and that's where I come in. I take the worry out and provide a great product, the most competitive pricing and the very best customer service so you can rest assured that your jersey is in great hands. Read below for my BIO



Mark Stehle- Owner

     Considered to be one of the finest Sports Framers & pioneers in the industry, I founded the largest jersey framing company in 2000. In 2014 I sold the company and soon thereafter founded Custom Sports Jerseys. In 4 short years I grew that company into a national powerhouse within the youth sports apparel market and in 2018 was fortunate enough to sell it.  With over 20 years experience, having framed for many professional athletes, sports teams, fortune 500 companies and everyday collectors I've decided to start framing jerseys and memorabilia again and started   If you want your jersey framed right by a true professional contact me or if you know what you want you can order on the website. 


Mark Stehle



Phone/Text: 805-415-4940

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